Never fear, Careers are here!

28th January 2019
By Ali Hasan

A great multitude of students in PTEM suffer from a problem that would later define them: their future. Some may be certain of their lives, some are unsure and some may just be lost, looking for an answer. But they all have something in common– a future.

The department attempted to give definition to the future of the students, equipping them with tools in the form of a career talk in order to face this common enemy of feeling lost. On the 28th of January 2019 the career talk gave thoughtful insight into the future, both locally and internationally, through various choices such as UBD, UTB, UNISSA, Cambridge, Harvard, etc.

Furthermore, students were also provided with crucial information regarding scholarship; an opportunity to support a student’s finances should he or she ever attempt to study overseas.

Careers department also informed interested students ways on how they could sign up for such opportunities. Scholarships are definitely beneficial, but it requires a demanding price—hard work and diligence.

A word of advice from a fellow student:

“If somehow you fail during your exams, always be reminded that that doesn’t necessarily mean the end. Seek for help, especially from the careers section, and perhaps you’ll find your way.”

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