Grandpa Hasan reviews current trends : Part One


Tik Tok was the most downloaded iPhone app worldwide, totaling up to a whopping 45.8 million downloads, surpassing Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, according to the American research company Sensor Tower.

Famous “influencers” such as David Dobrik, Lele Pons and “Logan Paul” had all begun with six second short platform-vine. Yes, you heard that right! SIX SECOND videos has been able to gather at least 10 MILLION fans for each and every single influencer.

Now, why mention vine? (which is now extinct, by the way.)

TikTok is has been dubbed “vine 2.0”, working the same way as vine, except with an absolutely MIND BLOWING new feature: AN ADDED 9 SECONDS. wAoW. (15 seconds has been called the magic number for TikTok users and fans) Tiktok users such as LIna and Lena MAntler have gained themselves over 32.1 million followers, and previous vine stars such as Liza Koshy has won over 13.2 million TikTok followers, winning FOUR streamy awards and one teen choice awards.

So why on earth are these people famous?

You see, TikTok videos are actually very creative (for once), delivering new, unique and unusual videos that take advantage of the added time. And believe you me, people actually like seeing something different for once. Even though they’re weird (like most of the TikTok videos) they’re still surprisingly addictive and amusing.

So what do I think about TikTok?

From my perspective, some of the videos are just plain unintelligent, but it’s that unbridled silliness that makes it so amusing to watch. TikTok has brought smiles to the world, and frowns to this old chap, and you know what? There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. To some extent of course. I do wish younger generation out there the best of luck. Make good choices. Please. And stop dabbing. That is it for now, stay tuned for the next issue of my brewed reviews.

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