PTEM’s got softball(s)

PTEM’s NEW  CCA club is expected to open up new sports opportunities for beloved PTEM’s students. A sport which is not widely known amongst the Bruneian youth yet played globally elsewhere (Softball is played in over 140 countries,worldwide).

Surprise, surprise!

Softball is even going to be played in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics!

Although softball is considered one of the most popular youth sports, it is upsetting that the Bruneian youths are not really aware on the various kinds of sports, we at The Equinox believes that as “Generasi Berwawasan” we should all be educated on what kinds of sports are played, globally to easily build bridges amongst us and youths from other parts of the world. In Brunei, softball players are gradually losing their ground and steadily extinct due to the players being at their age of retirement. However, a handful of them are still active and enthusiastic softball players who have participated in local, regional and international tournaments.

Want something new? Softball might be for you.

The softball club led by Ms Zaitul and Ms Wan Farah of the Careers Department has currently only 5 members (surprisingly, all males!) The softball team is currently having basic training sessions only BUT towards the end of the year they will participate in friendly games and inter-school tournaments. Psst,they are also looking for new members for the national softball team! If you are interested and committed in being a national player, softball is the place to go!

As it is their first year having softball as a CCA, here’s what they have to say:

Ms Zaitul from the Careers Department (Tutor-in-charge), has played softball for over 15 years on the national team. She says that “PTEM is the best target group to promote this sport to boost youth interest in this particular sport – as softball is only a small community in Brunei, our CCA club is collaborating and receiving support from Brunei Amateur Softball and Baseball Association ( BASBA ).

Ashraaf (the Team Captain of the softball club) has answered why he has decided to join the interesting newly added CCA, ”Softball is not a typical sport you would normally see in Brunei. For me personally, I am trying it out because I love to try out different kind of sports. Since this is the first year that softball has been introduced in the school, I hope to promote it and see it grow to be as a sport that is as popular as the others such as football because in Brunei the softball community is very small.” In addition, ”Softball is basically similar to baseball, it’s just that the ball is much bigger than the one used in baseball and the field is smaller. Its rules are also slightly different than baseball”.

The newly added Softball CCA is open for every student, (no matter male or female ) in PTEM. They are currently conducting sessions from 230-4pm at the PTEM Field, some sessions are also coached by invited guests who are international and national players!

To know more regarding softball or their CCA they will be conducting an exhibition in the MPH on the 11th of March at 2:15pm ( save the date, future softballers!) This exhibition will be attended by our very own national players who will bring along and exhibit the respective softball gears and equipment. NOT ONLY THAT, they will also have friendly games available for the students to try out!


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