PTEM’s Greenhouse

By Sarah Eddie

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Earlier this month, on the 12th of February, PTEM decided to put her green thumbs to the test, by initiating her very own enclosed botanic garden. The hothouse is cared by various members of our little community composed of Meragang’s very own. The green house is s step forward to realising and mitigating the wound that climate change has foisted upon our earth, it may be a small step but make no mistake of the impact it is going to make.

This initiative is taken by the From Garden to Kitchen Club. The club would like to introduce, if not enhance, the appreciation of simple and basic cooking skills, while obtaining ample knowledge in food and nutrition, personal hygiene as well as safety. When asked why they wanted to build a greenhouse, the tutors-in-charge said that the idea presented itself as they wanted the members of the club to learn new skills as well as deliver the novel information to the youth, with optimistic ideas such as gardening with hydroponics. So, a new idea arose, and that was the simple concept of Garden to Plate. 

The Club members also expressed their appreciation for the guidance and assistance of Handri, Managing director of UZ urban farming as well as the cooperation and understanding of the existing tutors in the club. Fruits of their labour are still going through their infant stage, thus they feel a need to better their system. They hope to plant a wider variety of vegetables such as other green leafy ones as well as the more fleshy ones such as juicy, ripped tomatoes and fresh aubergine.

It’s a start. To healthier way of living.

“Neil Armstrong – One small step for man, one huge step for man kind.”


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