Adib Sulaiman vs Rungrot Posi LIVE Play-by-Play (ONE Championship: ONE Warrior Series 4)

SINGAPORE – EQUINOX Editor-In-Chief Wira.G gives you the LIVE play-by-of the heart of Brunei Darussalam’s MMA pride, Adib ‘Deep’ Sulaiman as he goes head to head against his opponent, Rungrot Posi from Thailand in the Strawweight division on the 28th of February 2019 in the 6th bout of former champion and MMA legend Rich Franklin’s Warrior Series under the banner of Asia’s most renowned and prestigious proving grounds: ONE Championship.


ROUND 1: As the bell sounds off for the first round, we see Brunei’s Adib “Deep” Sulaiman and Thailand’s Rungrot Posi coming out tentatively with Orthodox and Southpaw stances respectively, with both fighters attempting to establish the range and pace of the fight, with Posi advancing forward with leg kicks and snapping front kicks, Sulaiman is calmly able to counter with a straight right. Inching forward in a linear fashion with an open stance while pawing out the jab, (as tradition for most fighters from Thailand), we see Sulaiman’s response being composed, stepping in and out of range while occasionally using angles to avoid being propped up against the ropes. The rest of the round consisted of Posi attempting to assert himself by occupying the center of the ring as a base to begin swinging for the fences with combinations often set up with a right hook or a left uppercut feint. Sulaiman continues to confidently stay out of range and throw occasional strikes which are set up off of Posi’s strikes. A break from the flurry of strikes came up as both fighters meet once more in the center of the ring.

Like lightning, Posi catches Sulaiman with an overhand left that pushes him back against the ropes,

swarming him with strikes and head kicks

as the bell brings an end to the round soon after.

Wira’s Scorecard: 10-9 in favor of Rungrot Posi.

ROUND 2: With the confidence gained in the first round, Posi once more attempts to set the pace, but is stopped by a solid right body kick followed up by a step in left hook by Sulaiman. Posi’s began to start swinging in response, triggering Sulaiman to nimbly step out of range again as the pace dies down once more. Not long after, the fight gets shifted into second gear, a brawl breaks out, with Sulaiman firing a straight right, Posi firing back in the form of a counter by Posi, while in the midst of all this, Sulaiman clips Posi with an accurate overhand right

followed by a left hook cross, but is countered with pinpoint accuracy by Posi’s left that targets an opening that Sulaiman left following his combination. Covering up, Posi once more charges forward, mixing up punches in bunches that pressure Sulaiman all the way to the other side of the ring, as Posi, a Judo practitioner in his own right, executes the first takedown of the fight, slamming Sulaiman

face-first into the mat, hunting for a head and arm choke. A Brazilian Jiu Jitsu blue belt himself, Sulaiman defends well against the choke, getting back to his feet while forcing Posi into a corner, finishing a double leg takedown and passing into a half guard mount. The summarized result was Sulaiman laying down powerful ground and pound shots

and an Americana submission attempt before Posi rebounded from the bottom, attempting a neck crank, after failing to secure his arm fully under the chin.

in the last ten seconds of the round.

Wira’s scorecard: 10-10, a fairly even round.

ROUND 3: As the final round of the match sounds off, both men touch gloves and hug each other out of respect and sportsmanship before the war begins.

Sulaiman seems to be biding his time, calm and composed as usual. On the other hand, a seemingly worn-out Posi wings off an uppercut hook duo, followed by Adib ‘Deep’ Sulaiman’s answer,  lunging forward with a swarm of punches that started off with a left cross, a few left overhands and right hooks that beat Posi from the center of the ring to the corner post. In his attempt to escape, Thailand’s Rungrot Posi gets thrown to the mat by Brunei’s Adib Sulaiman who flattens out Posi with hooks, posturing up and raining down merciless bombs

that finally finishes Posi, with the referee stepping in to put an end to the fight within seconds of the third round. Adib ‘Deep’ Sulaiman roars with a burning passion at the glory of the hard fought victory, kneeling to pay respects to his opponent

and embrace him in the same ring he had emerged from the battle, victorious, with the Brunei flag wrapped proudly around him.


Result: Adib ‘Deep’ Sulaiman, from Brunei gets the TKO stoppage in the 3rd round.


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