International Women’s Day: Mighty Matriarchs

1435760421-heres to strong women

Being a school that is largely reliant on the patriarchal system, it was no surprise that International Women’s Day wasn’t even acknowledged. And it could be argued that women and young girls are still under scrutiny in this school alone, especially during Raya celebrations where dress codes are always heavily enforced towards girls.

But as it is nothing new to us, the silver linings always manage to shine through. Even having our clubs own advisors be three wonderworking women, we may be moving forward after all. And if female teachers can be heads of clubs, why can’t the student organisations strive to have female presidents?

The Ministry of Culture, Youth, and Sports are in process of improving women’s development, with increasing the country’s awareness on women’s rights, as well as encouraging women to be competitive in entrepreneurship and education.

Truth is, slowly but surely, women are steadily evolving from the gender roles enforced on to them, more female role models are showing up in media and representation does matter, especially considering the fact that our generation grew up with Disney and as heartwarming and nostalgic the princesses may be, we grew up watching women be damsels in distress. But we now have Moana and Elsa to show us that we can stand on our own afterall. So let’s all be Moanas and Elsas, and be the ones to rescue ourselves!

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