Softball Acquisition

The softball showcase was held on the 11th of March 2019, where the PTEM Softball club touched regarding softball development.

The event was a collaborative effort between MoE ( JPKK and SCHOOL ), JBS, BASBA, associate members, PTEM’S CCA SECTION and PTEM’S SOFTBALL CLUB.

Major (R) Wan Tambrin bin Haji Suhaili, The vice-president of the Brunei Amateur Baseball and Softball Club (BASBA) officiated the event with a short speech introducing the sport. The students were then brought to PTEM’s field where they were shown a demonstration.674e2e0a-52c2-4ddb-ad8c-c0d986a0714e

Not only that, but the students were then grouped for the activities, the activities included batting, pitching, throwing and a mini demonstration of the game. They were even treated to a live friendly match between the ladies and men of the national team.


We at The Equinox hope that students enjoyed the amazing experience as this sport is not able to be experienced by a lot of the Bruneian youths. We also hope, that through this showcase that the softball team will get closer to achieving their aim in finding potential new members for the national team and that these players would make Brunei proud, one day!


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