Undersized Pants

(Sips tea) So.

Our topic for this issue is regarding the fashion trend that we have in our school, specifically for the boys. Usually, I won’t judge about this matter, but it has gone too far, so we just had to cover it. There’s this trend where most of the male students specifically, wear these exceedingly tight pants and slightly cropped bottoms (in Malay we call it tingkai). Sometimes I chuckle to see what they’re wearing. Honestly, how can they bend their knees with those pants!

Look, I have no problem with this, but this matter has gone even to the point it’s hilarious to look at! I mean, imagine in the future where youths would wear even tighter pants, they’ll to walk with straighten legs all the time. (HAH!)

I have a question: whatever happened to those groovy over-sized bottom pants, flares? (yes the one’s Mr. Alan used to wear, when he was a teenager) Or those very comfortable regular sized trousers (dear they’re nice). Whatever happened to those? Let’s bring it back boys!

Until next time, Gramps out!


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