How long do you like it?

So there’s this very important question: how long should a term holiday be? In my honest opinion, there’s a simple answer to that: as long as possible. But as we all know, the power of deciding the length of a term holiday isn’t bestowed upon us, mere students. Unfortunately.

Ahem. Getting back on topic, term holidays are in most cases are far too short but there are some rare situations where people may find it too long. As for the current holiday that we’re enjoying right now, it’s definitely enough for me. This is purely a personal preference, because I do quite miss some people from school *sigh* and even some classes. *cough*

So the question for everyone else remains, how long should a term holiday be? Should we be granted an extension? Well, to be fair, we should at least have at least two weeks more, but no longer than four weeks is ideal. Well, at least this is how I like it.

Until next time! School’s almost starting folks! Prepare yourself!



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