PTEM’s Pitch Pride


PTEM has emerged victorious in their friendly match at the Royal Brunei Recreational Club’s field against Maktab Duli, and with a remarkable four-nil victory we would like to congratulate the representatives of PTEM in making the school proud with such a dominant amazing win over their rivals!

PTEM left their mark at the end of the first forty-five minutes with a three-nil lead thanks in no small part to PTEM’s sons, Syafiq Asran, who scored two goals, along with Nizam who also fantastically scored another goal. The blazing performance hadn’t ended yet though, as Syafiq Asran fired with pride of PTEM, sealed the victory with an impressive hat-trick that brought the win right back home to PTEM.

Putting this victory aside for now, PTEM will soon be having yet another friendly match against Maktab Sains in the near future. On paper, these two schools’ rivalry are often referred to as the battle of intellectuals! We can only hope that the best team prevails.

As a last note, the Equinox would like to point out to the every student of PTEM that having the weight of representing the school is no easy task, thus, this is a great achievement!


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