Sports: Found your fire yet?

Given the current ongoing holidays, you may very well be spending a huge chunk of your time catching up with your favorite sports on your preferred device. Football, basketball, boxing… Whether it’s watching a late night match projected on a screen at a restaurant, or huddled around a television set at home, we can’t help but fixate our attention on the thrilling action being displayed on our screens.

Yet, even with sports acting as our loyal slice of entertainment, the question would always beg to ask; How much more of an impact could it be to our lives than just entertainment? I’m not talking about cliche health benefits, either. I’m talking about fighting depression, finding passion and living life. I’m talking about giving yourself another reason smile.

Let’s stick to the basics, for example running! Imagine yourself, out there on the track or road, where there isn’t any drama or social demand, save for the next breath you take, the next step you take, the strength to keep moving, where the only benefits you gain are for you and yourself and the only limits and expectations you have are for the betterment of yourself.

After a while, you decidedly kind of like running. The fire starts to flicker in your heart, so you take up another sport. Even through failure you find the strength to keep pushing, the fire burns brighter than ever, and so begins the journey. Not as an athlete, but as a human being who had just found one more reason to take another breath.

If you’re reading this right now, I challenge you. Change your shoes, get out that door. Stop texting, and get out the door right now. Don’t waste any time, don’t do it tomorrow. Put yourself in another life for a minute. Start small and see where you go. Stop reading, just go!


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