PTEM’s Ghost Stories: Myth or Fact?


Rumours about supernatural presence in PTEM is not something new. At some point during the 2-year stay in the school, plenty have heard rumors and stories about the sinister ‘thing’ lurking in the stalls of every bathroom, about the time when a tutor counted an extra student in her class, the mysterious whistling that could be heard in the hallway. And there are many more.

Being in any building at night in the dark is scary as it is. But merely looking at PTEM’s left wing in a blackout state at night is something else. Staring into the dark corner makes one recall the incident that involves a junior student on the last day of school before the first term break. What must have happened that led us to encounter ghosts here in the school at all? Why does the incident occur on the last day of school? Could PTEM be Hogwarts in disguise?

Whatever the reason is, nobody, no matter how much of thrill-seeker they are, should risk it getting a ‘greeting’. So we would like to encourage our dear readers to say your prayers. Especially if you’re alone.


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