It’s the holidays! So expect having butt cramps in the car as you and your family are queuing up at Sungai Tujoh. While you’re waiting, here are some things that you should and shouldn’t ever bring based on personal experiences, and experiences from people who’ve dealt with a certain type of traveler in the past. Not naming anyone. Chief. Wira.

Things you should ALWAYS bring:

  1. Your passport, and make sure you check the expiry date!
  2. Your identity card (trust me, no one believes you’re you till you whip out that IC.)
  3. Your license card (if you’re the driver. Better yet, just walk to Miri or something.)
  4. Money (Fuel isn’t free you know. Neither are souvenirs your friends keep hinting for. Not mentioning anyone, WIRA.)
  5. Water (staying hydrated is always very important while travelling. Besides, you’ll want something while your family is spilling tea in the car.)
  6. Phone (because no one’s gonna lend you their phone so you can play games.)
  7. Laptop (because you forgot to bring your phone.)
  8. Earphones or AirPods (you don’t want your parents to know your songs atu ada banyak swearing)
  9. Snacks (even though you know you’re gonna stop at a store every FIVE MINUTES)
  10. Extra clothes (someone’s gonna spill coffee on you. And even if they don’t, you know you’re staying overnight at your relatives house because your ‘catching up‘ took ‘longer than expected.’)


Things you should NEVER bring:

  1. An expired passport (duh)
  2. Drugs (why did you have any in the first place?)
  3. Alcohol (*read above*)
  4. Carbonated drinks that might get shook up during the drive (…actually, just bring it. Just hand it to that one sibling who won’t keep still.)
  5. Nice clothes or jewelry (you’re going to lose ’em unless they’re packed.)
  6. Scrabble (I get it, you want to show off your ‘very good speaking‘, but not on a road trip ok. Let ME show off my ‘very good speaking’. I’LL bring the Scrabble set)
  7. Kitchenware (seriously, I’ve seen Bruneians bringing kuali and a portable tambak to Miri)
  8. Your entire makeup set (I think you already look pretty without it. Besides, you’re hogging the rear view mirror. Stahp it.)
  9. High heels (go kaki ayam & impress your folks that you’re not a complete ‘City Softie’).
  10. School textbooks (You’re only bringing them to make yourself feel better that you haven’t done anything yet, and that you ‘will’ do something soon. Yeah, right.)



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