Grandpa Hasan vs Current Trends: THE WOAH (why.)

(Puts on reading glasses)

So children, it would seem as though your generation of youngins have found yet ANOTHER unusually entertaining trend that has, once again, captivated young audiences with what can only be described as ‘minimalist movement’. To the readers that don’t quite know what is being referred to (which is highly doubted), it’s reference to the ‘Whoa‘ if that’s how it’s even called, anyways. Who knows anymore? (Rubs forehead)

According to the most conveniently trusted intelligent sources by way of social media (particularly Twitter) this phenomena has erupted onto the scene, making about as little sense as the movement itself in the form of a short video that’s caused some waves around the web.

This ‘dance move‘ reminds one of the evolution of man– just backwards in terms of dance moves. There is just too little to see. At best, it could hardly be referred to as a dance move at worst, it’s a dramatic change that may foreshadow future degradation of classics such as the hokey pokey which may be lost to obscurity in the future. All it takes to participate in this cultural dance is to just move your head and do some simple fancy move with your hands. And that’s it!

Yet, to many young fellow readers out there, the simplicity of the move is what captivates the audience, what with the complications of the world always looming ahead. First reactions to the move often left one utterly speechless, but for the fact that there was just too little to see! Reactions often consisted of “Ok, so what is this?” and “Is that it?”, before attempting to try it out ourselves.

This conclusion also yields the fact that, more often than not, modern trends these days often pick up trends the same way they were created: With odd simplicity that boggles the mind.


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