Kindness Day: PRR Letter Boards?

A time honored tradition of appreciation or the steps of social status? Held on the ninth to the eleventh of April, kindness day once more made it possible for students throughout PTEM to express themselves to one another in various forms, ranging from care packages, roses and… letters to the PPR?

This wonder of penmanship is sometimes argued by some that the system of letters itself is hardly useful. Opening an envelope may sometimes be nerve wracking, especially in this aspect, where the amount you receive may just define others’ opinion on you, never mind the quality of content itself. Peer pressure of such caliber may also result in the tedious construction of strained or simple missves, devoid of actual emotion. A lot can be judged based on a person’s letter to you, but whether it be good or bad, shouldn’t the freedom writing heartfelt letters be for everyone?

This question raises the fact that this practice should be not just be confined to the student body and peer counselors, but shared to all members of PTEM as well! The time for change should be now, where freedom to care should be shared. Caring is sharing! The suggestion of an old-school postal service sounds inciting, with missives being sent and received through a mailbox that could are then redirected out to the students, where thoughts and care are received without any obvious indication of who got more or less, which may feel more personal and heartfelt, leaving no one out!

Here’s a crazy idea: A permanent postal service! Or better yet, just hand the letters personally! After all, what’s Kindness Day as an event? It’s a theme that should be appreciated every day! Given Kindness Day’s recent end, this article may just be a little too late to raise questions of change, yet you could still do something out of the kindness of you own heart!

In the spirit of letters, go write a note to someone and let them know that they’re not just appreciated for one event, but for their whole existence of being a friend!


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