Pet Sematary: Sometimes staying dead may be better.

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We’ve been blessed with another adaptation of a classic Stephen King novel. But could it perhaps be likened to that of a curse in disguise rather than taken as a blessing? Three of our Equinox members were sent on a mission to watch this newly released horror film and here’s the verdict. (But do take it with a grain of salt.)

The two hour film tells the story of a doctor who relocates to a rural town in Maine with his family. After horrific events ensue, the doctor seeks help from their neighbor who guides them into a hidden cemetery (sematary) deep in the forest by their new home. These actions of theirs happen to unleash an evil that triggers a numerous chain of tragic events.

If you’re a horror film fanatic much like the three of us who went to watch it, this 2019 rendition would barely pass as enough to satisfy your needs. Scoring a 59% on Rotten Tomatoes, it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t necessarily good either. Although the movie showcased the great lengths a parent would go to protect their children at its core, it unfortunately lacked in story developments and diversity in suspense. It felt like going down a slide with the wrong pair of pants; With the joy being seen in the excitement felt in climbing up the ladder but having to push yourself down the not so slippery slope. The movie should’ve provided some better pants.


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