The Discorder

On 21st April , PTEM’s frisbee team, The Discorder, participated in the Crossover Ultimate Challenge tournament which took place at Jerudong Sport Complex from 7am to 6pm. It was held by YPateraco. The competition was joined by different institutions and colleges. Although members of the team are mainly of the upper 6th students, the lower 6th students from the frisbee CCA club were also invited to participate in their first ever frisbee tournament. Not only did they beat other sixth form schools such as Maktab Duli, they have also managed to win a spot in the finals, winning second place against Politeknik Brunei.

One of the juniors, Nazirul, said “It was really intense and we get to learn how to be most experienced in playing.” The team noted that team spirit and chemistry are the most important part for winning. Nazirul continued, “We need to work together as a team, but we also have our own responsibilty during the game.”

One of the senior players, Aliah, shared her enthusiasm, “Even though we played under the sun, it is still fun.” The team members also mentioned that they were trained by their super seniors. They are really proud of the fact that, this year the proud Discorder team are the first Discorder batch to get into the finals. With this win, they have also undoubtedly pushed PTEM’s name up among colleges and institutions.

The biggest hope for Discorder is to make it as an official Frisbee team. There are 21 members in Discorder, led by Muiz Iskandar a super senior of PTEM.


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