Juniors Incoming!

PTEM had its registration and admission for the new Lower Sixth students for the 2020/2021 session last week. The Lower Sixth registration period went on for as long as three days, from Monday, 3rd February to Wednesday, 5th February at the PTEM Lobby area. The registration time started as early as 8am until 11.30 am and continued on in the afternoon from 1.30pm to 3.30 pm. Prospective students brought both original and a copy of their IC, original and a copy of their O-level results, passport photos, registration form and most importantly, themselves.

The purpose of this admission is to get new students and also to help students who wish to pursue higher education. There were also representative teachers from each department giving information about the subjects to any students who were interested in taking it. Juniors will be joining PTEM most likely after National Day so seniors, be ready to welcome our beloved juniors!

PTEM currently offers around 20 subjects ranging from the three basic Sciences to Travel and Tourism. The school now has 106 staff members alongside with 344 students. Let us wait and be excited for the number of students to increase!