Health Issues On The Rise

Lately, viral fever has been taking over the human bodies. That is to say, that people have been getting sick more often than usual. Unfortunately, PTEM citizens are not exempt from it. Lots of students have been complaining about their health and how they hate it that they cannot focus on their studies. The fever also caused lots of the students to be absent. This started right after the reopening of school in January. Now, we are in the month of February and yet, students are still getting sick.

It probably could be caused by the sudden change of weather. And with the current spread of Coronavirus and last month’s Australia bush-fires, it could also be the reason for the sudden health deteriorating. 

These phenomenon do not appear to just affect the students – they also seem to affect the tutors and other PTEM member of staff as well . Some PTEM-ians could also be seen wearing masks (which we can definitely say is not for fashion purposes). It’s either they wanted to protect themselves from getting infected by others or they are being considerate to others and prevent themselves from infecting others.

Luckily, the students are vigilant and many of them went to get checked up by doctors. When asked why are they absent, 40% of the students replied “I went to the clinic, because I was ‘damam’ (feverish)”, while the other 60% answered that they stayed at home simply to get rest. 

Staying hydrated and eating well are the simplest ways of staying healthy.  So remember to take a sip of your water now and then, and keep washing your hands folks!


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