Paperless Registration for Sports Tournaments

In late January of this year, the Sport Houses of PTEM had their first meeting to decide which of their members will participate in the upcoming Sport’s Day this June. In the previous years, most Sport Houses usually let members participate in the events of their choosing by signing up for tournaments during the meeting. This year, however, we have a Sports House that has dedicated an entire website just to do so.

Indera Putra, one of the Sports Houses of PTEM which sports blue as their primary colour, has set up website  which lets their members sign up for events online. Each member was encouraged to join at least one event during the meeting, but could sign in during their free time, even at home.

Several members have described using the website as very quick and convenient as opposed to signing in using paper. One member even said the website makes them feel ‘special’ as they claim it is a rather unique feature. Aside from signing up for events, the Indera Putra website allows members to join the group for the Sports House in WhatsApp through a link found in the website so they can be updated at any time. Also, the official Putra Sports House T-shirt is available to be bought from the website for anyone, even other members.

The other Sports Houses, however, were more traditional in their approach. They had their members sign up for events on paper at the meeting, which is a tried and tested methods from previous years. Participants lined up to put their name in their desired sports’ tournaments. And for all the other Sports Houses, as usual, no big issues were faced by members when they were required to do so.

Putra may not be alone on using modern media for their members. Wijaya, the green Sports House, gave their members the option to send messages via WhatsApp to join events. However, one member has stated the instructions to do so were “not very clear.”