PTEM Organized 10th Solat Hajat

PTEM held a Solat Hajat (Hajat Prayers) on Thursday, 25th April for its upper sixth students who will be sitting for the June AS examinations soon. The event was jointly organized by the Parent Teacher Associations (PTA/PIBG) and PTEM’s Syariah department, and attended by parents and a few selected students. The ceremony took place at PTEM’s Surau, attended by Imam Haji Malik bin Haji Jumat. A recitation of the Surah Yassin opened the event followed by the Solat Hajat. 

The purpose of this ceremony is to beseech for Allah SWT’s blessing in hope that the students will be able to face their examination with composure and pray that they will receive a successful result.

“I hope that with this event, students will work harder for their exams and keep on remembering Allah SWT by seeking for his blessings in what they memorized, the knowledge they gain and the work they did,” said PTEM’s Head of Department of Religious Studies, Ckg. Hajah Norsiah binti Haji Amin.

One of the students said, “[Even though] it is not compulsory, however, if I want to do it, I can. And there is no need to force others, although I feel like it’s important as a Muslim to ask Allah for his blessings before facing the examination.” The student continued to state “If somehow the school doesn’t conduct solat hajat, In Sha Allah, I would do it, if I have free time, I would definitely do it, here in school or at home. Besides, it’s only 2 raka’at

This event is the 10th Solat Hajat organized since PTEM opened.