Peer Counselors: We Don’t Lead, We Guide.

As PRR members from the guidance and counseling department we have been trained by our very own school counselor, Ms Nur Kasandra to aid to our peers’ needs.

If you need some to talk to or just someone to listen, we are here for you.

Contact : 7224451 (Mina) to book your session during PS blocks/lunch/break time.
Or feel free to approach any of our team for more inquires.



Grandpa Hasan vs Current Trends: THE WOAH (why.)

(Puts on reading glasses)

So children, it would seem as though your generation of youngins have found yet ANOTHER unusually entertaining trend that has, once again, captivated young audiences with what can only be described as ‘minimalist movement’. To the readers that don’t quite know what is being referred to (which is highly doubted), it’s reference to the ‘Whoa‘ if that’s how it’s even called, anyways. Who knows anymore? (Rubs forehead)

According to the most conveniently trusted intelligent sources by way of social media (particularly Twitter) this phenomena has erupted onto the scene, making about as little sense as the movement itself in the form of a short video that’s caused some waves around the web.

This ‘dance move‘ reminds one of the evolution of man– just backwards in terms of dance moves. There is just too little to see. At best, it could hardly be referred to as a dance move at worst, it’s a dramatic change that may foreshadow future degradation of classics such as the hokey pokey which may be lost to obscurity in the future. All it takes to participate in this cultural dance is to just move your head and do some simple fancy move with your hands. And that’s it!

Yet, to many young fellow readers out there, the simplicity of the move is what captivates the audience, what with the complications of the world always looming ahead. First reactions to the move often left one utterly speechless, but for the fact that there was just too little to see! Reactions often consisted of “Ok, so what is this?” and “Is that it?”, before attempting to try it out ourselves.

This conclusion also yields the fact that, more often than not, modern trends these days often pick up trends the same way they were created: With odd simplicity that boggles the mind.

How long do you like it?

So there’s this very important question: how long should a term holiday be? In my honest opinion, there’s a simple answer to that: as long as possible. But as we all know, the power of deciding the length of a term holiday isn’t bestowed upon us, mere students. Unfortunately.

Ahem. Getting back on topic, term holidays are in most cases are far too short but there are some rare situations where people may find it too long. As for the current holiday that we’re enjoying right now, it’s definitely enough for me. This is purely a personal preference, because I do quite miss some people from school *sigh* and even some classes. *cough*

So the question for everyone else remains, how long should a term holiday be? Should we be granted an extension? Well, to be fair, we should at least have at least two weeks more, but no longer than four weeks is ideal. Well, at least this is how I like it.

Until next time! School’s almost starting folks! Prepare yourself!


Undersized Pants

(Sips tea) So.

Our topic for this issue is regarding the fashion trend that we have in our school, specifically for the boys. Usually, I won’t judge about this matter, but it has gone too far, so we just had to cover it. There’s this trend where most of the male students specifically, wear these exceedingly tight pants and slightly cropped bottoms (in Malay we call it tingkai). Sometimes I chuckle to see what they’re wearing. Honestly, how can they bend their knees with those pants!

Look, I have no problem with this, but this matter has gone even to the point it’s hilarious to look at! I mean, imagine in the future where youths would wear even tighter pants, they’ll to walk with straighten legs all the time. (HAH!)

I have a question: whatever happened to those groovy over-sized bottom pants, flares? (yes the one’s Mr. Alan used to wear, when he was a teenager) Or those very comfortable regular sized trousers (dear they’re nice). Whatever happened to those? Let’s bring it back boys!

Until next time, Gramps out!

Can’t hear you. I have Airpods.

Ever since the first iPhone was released, Apple has been one of the leading tech companies out there, so there’s no surprise that all their products are known to be extremely expensive!

Their latest product, the AirPods. These things don’t really need an introduction since most people know about them already. But to the tutors, grown ups or just simply people like myself that can’t afford them, AirPods are a pair of wireless earphones, that not only sound but also feels rather premium (no surprise there from Apple). But with a catch, they are absurdly expensive (also, a very Apple thing to do). These little devils cost around BND248! Imagine losing one of them! Which means you have to buy new a pair.

But on the plus side, people who own AirPods get ‘the rich privilege’, which means they’re ‘better’ than other people.

Personally I don’t really get the hype for them, since they don’t really look appealing. But they do pack some exceptionally good sound quality. Since they are wireless, you’ll need to charge them, but with Apple’s W1 chip, the battery lasts a full 5 hours. But it doesn’t end there, connecting your device with a pair of AirPods is just too easy, take them out, and you’re ready to go.

Apple’s AirPods aren’t for everyone however. Personally I wouldn’t spend BND248 on a pair of headphones, no matter how packed it is with features, it’s really unrealistic. And the design from my point of view, is just plain unattractive, I would actually prefer something more subtle and low-key. Although this is purely a personal preference. But hey, if you have some money laying around at home, around BND300 to be exact, why not?

Until next time, this is Grandpa Hasan signing out!

Grandpa Hasan reviews current trends : Part One


Tik Tok was the most downloaded iPhone app worldwide, totaling up to a whopping 45.8 million downloads, surpassing Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, according to the American research company Sensor Tower.

Famous “influencers” such as David Dobrik, Lele Pons and “Logan Paul” had all begun with six second short platform-vine. Yes, you heard that right! SIX SECOND videos has been able to gather at least 10 MILLION fans for each and every single influencer.

Now, why mention vine? (which is now extinct, by the way.)

TikTok is has been dubbed “vine 2.0”, working the same way as vine, except with an absolutely MIND BLOWING new feature: AN ADDED 9 SECONDS. wAoW. (15 seconds has been called the magic number for TikTok users and fans) Tiktok users such as LIna and Lena MAntler have gained themselves over 32.1 million followers, and previous vine stars such as Liza Koshy has won over 13.2 million TikTok followers, winning FOUR streamy awards and one teen choice awards.

So why on earth are these people famous?

You see, TikTok videos are actually very creative (for once), delivering new, unique and unusual videos that take advantage of the added time. And believe you me, people actually like seeing something different for once. Even though they’re weird (like most of the TikTok videos) they’re still surprisingly addictive and amusing.

So what do I think about TikTok?

From my perspective, some of the videos are just plain unintelligent, but it’s that unbridled silliness that makes it so amusing to watch. TikTok has brought smiles to the world, and frowns to this old chap, and you know what? There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. To some extent of course. I do wish younger generation out there the best of luck. Make good choices. Please. And stop dabbing. That is it for now, stay tuned for the next issue of my brewed reviews.