Hi Ho Off To Hiking We Go

The newest edition to the CCA family in PTEM has become the most active one yet (besides us that is). Right after registration day, they have gotten straight into action by hosting their first hiking trip in Tasek Lama.

Danish Osmena, president of said club, shares that they warm up and cool down before and after each trip. He adds that having this fixed regime helps to discipline them.

Another member, who wishes to stay anonymous, shares ‘we have so much fun and it’s a really nice form of exercise’.

Although they’re on hold for assessments, the hiking club recommence their mini journeys every Saturday after school, and we’re eager to find out more about them once the future presents itself!


PTEM’s Futsal pride will be back

30th January 2019
By Qamelya R


PTEM INFERNO, PTEM CUBS AND PTEM FLYS represented our school in the annual Charity Futsal tournament on the 26th and 27th of January 2018, that was hosted by Maktab Duli. It was a two day competition among 16 teams that were divided into three group stages.

This wonderful event, to which proceedings will go to the institution’s welfare fund which will then be divided among less fortunate students. According to Prophet Muhammad himself, “Giving will never make you poor (empty)”. Hence, we are proud to say that three of our school’s teams are following suit.

Despite the good cause, it was a gloomy day of bitter defeat as we experienced a devastating loss. (Overall winner was SMALHB, where they won against team POLI A.) PTEM fell, but we all know they gave their best(est)! Despite this, all of us in The Equinox know that they will be back and rise again, stronger. We also hope to see our boys on the field again representing us in future events with a changed mindset.

As Muhammad Thufail from PTEM FLYS mentioned, “It wasn’t really the best from us, could have been better but due to certain circumstances it didn’t happen. However, it was rather exciting as we were able to form a team to play against other teams from other schools and to be able to donate for charity at the same time.”

Our very own senior, Syahmi Sofian who played for PTEM INFERNO also said, “Even though we lost and we didn’t make it to the final, I feel really proud of myself, my team and other institutions for participating in the competition because they are helping people in need.”

Syafiq Asran from PTEM CUBS has said, “I felt disappointed to be honest…I did my best but I can’t change the fact that everyone else did have such a natural talent, honestly speaking. I managed to dribble through the defense and help the team to score goals. I’m amazed with the efforts from the other team…such a great great experience.”

Other members such as Ak Zafri from PTEM CUBS and Ashraaf Izzuddin,the captain of PTEM FLYS UNITED have both mentioned similar things.

Hence,we may conclude that even though our school teams did not make it into the finals they still manage to keep their heads held high and look at the bright side.

“You have no choices about how you lose, but you do have a choice about how you come back and prepare to win again.” – Pat Riley

On behalf of the school, The Equinox would like to thank Maktab Duli, for inviting our school to compete, and would also like to say “good game, well played!” to our determined players. Until the next game, boys.