Define Yourself

Photo by Syasya Jamalina


To be a part of an audience for a show is truly an amazing and memorable experience. On the 1st and 2nd of March, PTEM Performing Arts once again organized another recital which took place in Dewan Sarmayuda, with this year’s theme being “Define yourself.”

Head of the club Miss Chien stated that the performance this year was a lot more special as the whole event was for charity for the less unfortunate students in PTEM.

A huge number of students, teachers and outsiders attended the show, with many complimenting on how great the production and performers were.

“PTEM Performing Arts never fails to put up a good and enjoyable show,” said the guest of honour, Haji Juma’ata Sonadey bin Haji Mornie. “It’s amazing how the club manages to do this every year.”

When asked which performance was his favourite, the guest of honour took quite some time to answer:

Entah ah, semua jua siuk,” he said, laughing. “But if I really have to choose one, it would be the choral poem. Hilarious and relatable!”

Furthermore, we also managed to interview one of the audience who came from Tutong district. He said he heard the club has been doing original shows and that the whole event was for charity. So he and his wife decided to go for the show despite being unfamiliar with the location. They were pleased to see that it was beyond their expectations.

Put together by the Performing Arts Club, the show is an annual tradition for the school, and this year marked the eighth.



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