UBD PAC’S ARBITRIUM: the show must (and did) go on!


Two weeks ago, UBD’s Performing Arts Club pulled off a jolly good show indeed!

True to its namesake, the production managed to take control of the audiences’ attention with the spectacle that it was. Revolving around Arya Angelo, a young woman striving for success, and her brother, Michael “Mikey” Angelo, a charismatic bar-owner, are seen to both be under the shackles of Lucy, an eccentric character offering what the siblings don’t have, the freedom to make their own choices. With piercing plot twists and captivating characters, the play managed to get it’s audience on their toes, eager to unravel the play scene by scene. Later, audience can enjoy a meme version of Arbitrium on a Twitter thread:  

Featuring tight schedules composed of vocal, acting, and dance rehearsals, the team managed to pull everything off, despite various trials and tribulations, in only 30 days! (Kudos to you, PAC!)

With so many competition, (with JIS’ High School Musical, Medley House’s When Does Love End?, and Sutera Momento’s No Change Of Colour being some of the few abundant productions showing that weekend), PAC managed to get two nights worth of sold out shows, even though they only had 3 days to promote their show due to late approval from the student council. But even with it seeming like everything was against them, the team managed to hold on and deliver what could only be described as one of the most wonderfully presented productions of the year.

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